Indignation Version 0: Don't Let Asia Bibi Die

by Kingdom of Herts



A track which now goes into our archives. This is Draft III of "Indignation", the song which was performed at the Peace Rally for Religious Freedom at Knightsbridge, London.

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Sitting in a cell, a Christian woman waits
Her crime’s her faith, her punishment
An unkind power dictates
For telling of her faith, a martyr she might be
Oh what is this unkindness? Oh let this woman free!

As told in our Bible, Jesus Christ did stand
And drank of water drawn by a Samaritan woman's hand
Her fellows deigned not take water that she drew
Are they above, then, what Jesus Christ did too?

People cry for peace on Earth, for a peaceful Middle East
But how can this be so today,
With violence never ceased
The dove brings peace on earth, these are her only roles
How can the dove bring peace when riddled full of holes?

Oh leaders! Thaw those hearts of ice for they are hearts of men!
You just destroy the innocent, how does that help you then?
Let Christians live in freedom in your country around you
Just as we welcome Muslims living all around us too!

Is truly Allah different from Jesus, son of God?
What rift has come between these two
For is it not too odd?
That both of them were kind, as I agree with Muslim friends
And all agree that both their love our anger should transcend!

And so, Oh Pakistan, we come for Asia’s sake
Please free her from the death you plan
Oh let your hardness break!
For peace can be with us, Don't make this move we cry
For God, for Allah and for us – Don’t let Asia die!!



released June 14, 2012
Lyrics by Christo Tracey.
Music by Annette "Troisnyx" Singh.



all rights reserved


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