Arise Once More

by Kingdom of Herts



The first English single we finished. This is Draft II of Arise Once More, with muddy vocals. Stream-only; please tell us on if you'd like this downloaded!

The inspiration for this track was the DVD titled 'Arise Once More: Reviving Catholic Britain'. It spoke of how Britain (and England in particular) was "the most faithful child of the See of Peter". Faith flourished here, right up to Reformation times where conflicts arose, and the people who stood strong were hanged, drawn and quartered at Tyburn.

This song started as an instrumental file in May 2011, but in November that same year, Christo gave it lyrics, and in December, Arise Once More became our first MV.


Here we stand at last
United in our faith
And the air, it is filled
With the sound of "Gloria"s
For the night is past
And we have made it through
Using God as our guide
We have had faith to survive

And though Tyburn's tree
And the perils of our past
Strove to crush our faith
We will still believe
For the flesh, true it dies
But the spirit, it lives on and prospers
Now, in freedom we arise once more!

And when we're unsure
And when we're called to doubt
We rest sure, for we know
That You guide us on our path
Make clear, I implore
The path that I should seek
So that I truly know
How to carry out Your will

And though in the past,
I have strayed from Your true path
My intent is to do what You desire of me
I now turn to Your aid
And I ask of You Your will, Almighty
So I am sure how to arise once more!

Brothers, sisters, all
Come round and pray with me
To our God in heaven
Who looks down on us below
He is kind and great
Most worthy to be loved
For doth He not love you
To the grave and even beyond?

So come all, and adore
Fear not giving Him His praise
The Almighty works wonders
For all who would believe
We will tell of his works
We will sing his wondrous deeds
O Jesu! Till we can meet you,
We'll arise once more!


released December 16, 2011
Lyrics by Christo Tracey.
Music by Annette 'Troisnyx' Singh.



all rights reserved


Kingdom of Herts Hertfordshire, UK

The Bandcamp page of Catholic rock trio Kingdom of Herts (Richard White, Christo Tracey and Annette "Troisnyx" Singh). We have faith, we sing, we rock. :D And we do stuff which isn't rock too, just because.

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